This is information about the settlement of Wurtbad in Warhammer Quest for iOS.


This is a major city with 3 quest areas and the main end quest.


Wurtbad's market includes ...

  • Stonebread
  • Small Bandages
  • Medium Provisions


  • Battered Dwarven Helm
  • Short Bow
  • Battered Dwarven
  • Elven Bow
  • Warhammer
  • Fine Longsword
  • Fine Hammer
  • Fine Warhammer
  • Masterwork Iron Shield
  • Masterwork Knuckle Duster
  • Masterwork Dagger
  • Masterwork Great Axe
  • Masterwork Warhammer

Mastercraftsman's ForgeEdit

  • Masterwork Shortsword
  • Masterwork Longbow
  • Masterwork Great Axe
  • Masterwork Great Sword
  • Masterwork Warhammer

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